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Fantasy Celebrity Big Brother created by FantasyBigBrother on YouTube is the first fantasy series where a group of HouseGuests will appear in the Big Brother house and competing for the grand prize for charity


Day Description Notes
1 (Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Olly Murs, Avril Lavigne, Natalie Horler, Blake Jenner, Hayley Williams, Britney Spears, Rupaul & Ben Bruce) entered the Big Brother house. Lady GaGa won first HoH and nominated Olly Murs and Britney Spears for the first eviction. The HouseGuests were split up into the main house and basement and Lady GaGa had a choice of bringing the basement houseguests into the main house and sacrificing 2 HouseGuests up for eviction or giving up her HoH position
2 (Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Natalie Horler, Hayley Williams & Ben Bruce) left the basement and entered the Big Brother House Since Lady GaGa decided to put 2 HouseGuests up for eviction the basement houseguests moved into the main house
3 N/A N/A
4 HouseGuests took part in the first POV challenge of the series and Britney won POV choosing to use it on herself and avoiding eviction tomorrow Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, Natalie Horler, Blake Jenner, Olly Murs & Rupaul were chosen to take part in POV and Lady GaGa named her replacement nominee as Nicki Minaj
5 First Eviction of Celebrity Big Brother and it was revealed that 3 new HouseGuests would enter the basement. When they arrived Big Brother announced that they would choose which HouseGuest would face the next eviction. Ultimately they decided to pick Natalie Horler for eviction therefore she was announced to face eviction. Also Lady GaGa was asked to nominate two other HouseGuests which were Ben Bruce and Rihanna Nicki Minaj and Olly Murs faced the first eviction and HouseGuests determined with a 7-2 vote that Nicki would be the first HouseGuest evicted. The three new HouseGuests to enter were Angie Miller, Inna & Justin Bieber. 
6 The Second POV ceremony occured as the HouseGuests have 20 seconds to complete a maze game and the one who accumalated the most money will win. Lady GaGa won and as HoH kept the nominations the same Since Lady GaGa won POV the nominees confirmed for the eviction are Ben, Natalie and Rihanna
7 The second eviction night is here and so far Andrew has announced that Ben is safe and will not be evicted tonight. Andrew then talked to the house yet again to reveal Rihanna as the 2nd evicted HouseGuest after a tie breaker decision. The 3 new HouseGuests was also asked to put up another HouseGuest for eviction and decided Lady GaGa should face it. Rupaul was also announced as the second HoH and alongside Lady GaGa, Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber were picked to face the third eviction. Andrew also announced that this eviction is a double Rihanna was evicted from the house 4-3 of votes. The 3 new HouseGuests have now entered the main house and Justin Bieber was nominated alongside Avril Lavigne and Lady GaGa
8 N/A N/A
9 N/A N/A
10 N/A N/A
11 The nominated HouseGuests, Rupaul and 2 random HouseGuests were asked to compete in the POV. Avril won the POV and saved herself from the block. Rupaul nominated Natalie to face the eviction N/A
12 3rd eviction of the series has occured and Justin and Lady GaGa were evicted in a double eviction. Lady GaGa due to an argument with Rupaul was evicted through the diary room Big Brother Announced due to inactivity that the POV challenge would now stop
13 Rupaul as HoH nominated Inna and Avril Lavigne for eviction which will occur tomorrow. Also Blake Jenner and Angie Miller walked from the house N/A
14 Fourth eviction of Celebrity Big Brother and Inna is evicted through the diary room door leaving us with 7 HouseGuests battling it out for a place in the final 6. Before Inna left the house she voted Hayley to face the final eviction on Day 19. As a new HoH Britney nominated Natalie and Rupaul to join her N/A
15 N/A N/A
16 N/A N/A
17 N/A N/A
18 N/A N/A
19 Final eviction of the series and Hayley, Rupaul and Natalie face this eviction. Meaning Avril, Britney, Ben & Olly guranteeing there place in the finale of Celebrity Big Brother. Rupaul has been announced as the sixth evicted HouseGuest leaving the finalists as. Avril, Ben, Britney, Hayley, Natalie & Olly N/A
20 N/A N/A
21 N/A N/A
22 N/A N/A
23 Finale for the series and one of our 6 finalists will win this series. Ben was announced as finishing in 6th place, Shortly followed by Hayley in 5th place, The third HouseGuest to come out was Britney who finished in 4th place, Avril finished in 3rd place which leaves Natalie and Olly in the final 2. It was then announced that Olly is the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 1 and Natalie finished runner up

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